Laid Back – continuously drifting into the next tune.

34 years into their career, the famous Danish duo is still fuelled on friendship and the belief that music will bring new adventures. A fuel that also runs through their brand-new double album 'Uptimistic Music'.

Since setting sails with the worldwide hits 'Sunshine Reggae' and 'White Horse', Laid Back have maintained their unique ability to sound exactly like themselves, while constantly navigating towards new sonic territories. This also defines their latest album 'Uptimistic Music Vol 1’ that sees the duo letting their creative ambitions run free.

‘Uptimistic Music Vol 1’ was recorded in the exact same Copenhagen studio they have used throughout their career. In this attic, surrounded by equipment, Tim Stahl and John Guldberg have jammed their way into many songs – in fact, they have composed enough material to be able to release 'Uptimistic Music Vol 2' later this year.

Usually a track emerges by Stahl getting into a groove while Guldberg plays along on the acoustic guitar, with sheets of lyrics scattered around him. They press ‘record’ and let themselves slip into a trance-like state trying to capture the moment.

“Over the years we have tried all sorts of methods, but not thinking too much remains what works best for us. We are mood interpreters and we let our songs direct us. Sometimes we jam for hours without anything occurring. In that respect, we are like two children driven by intuition,” says Tim Stahl.

However, 'Rocketship to Mars’, the first single out of the new album, is about heartbreak, as there is more to Laid Back than just good vibes. 'Clear Your Mind' is an encouragement to think positively, and 'Super Cool Funky Lady' is a tribute to the women who have stuck with them through good times and bad times.

On 'Uptimistic Music Vol 1' Laid Back have also opened the door to external input. Especially to younger creative forces, with sound engineer Bjørn Winnem and producer Andreas 'Maskinen' Sommer being important contributors.

“Working with young people creates a certain dynamic and gives us a bunch of ideas we cannot get alone from working with our peers. Additionally, it keeps us old geezers on our toes,” says Tim Stahl.

“We are constantly in search for the next tune. We show up in the studio every day without ever making an exact appointment. It’s magnetism,” added John Guldberg.

'Uptimistic Music' will be released on the Laid Back’s own imprint, Brother Music, which was also behind the duo's 2010 single, 'Cocaine Cool', as well as the mini album 'Cosyland' and the instrumental album ‘Cosmic Vibes' – both released in 2012. An international tour lies ahead of them.

Stahl and Guldberg formed Laid Back in 1979, following the split-up of their previous group, The Starbox Band. They began experimenting with electronic music and shaped a distinctive vocal style based on their light and dark voices. Their self-titled debut was released in 1981, and two years on they had their international breakthrough with the album 'Keep Smiling' which contained the singles 'Sunshine Reggae' and 'White Horse'.